August 2008: The Nie's

On Saturday, August 16, 2008, Stephanie Aurora Nielson was in a plane crash with her husband, Christian Nielson, and his flight instructor near St. Johns Arizona.  As of Sunday, August 17, 2008 they are in critical condition at the hospital.  The Nielson’s were two of the first friends Andrew introduced me to when we were dating.  It only took 15 seconds in their toile upholstered, photo encrusted haven of a home, and I was taken.  I love them dearly and they have been a continuous example to me of what I want to be as a spouse and a parent.

For the past four years, Stephanie has welcomed us into her charming abode through the NieNie Dialogues.  Far from being a product of creative editing, Stephanie doesn't just shine through the selective lens of a blog.  She truly is fiercely in love with Mr. Nielson and entirely devoted to her children.  She exudes beauty and grace vacuuming the carpet or strolling on the arm of her husband in pumps and red lipstick.  Stephanie is well read, has a confident opinion, and glories in being a woman.  Stephanie is a definitive lady.
If you saw her in the grocery store with her kids, you’d notice a luminance about her.  She and her family are so good.  And because of that, they are happy. 

When hearing of the news, a good friend of ours referenced Job.  Job was a “perfect and upright” man who “feared God, and eschewed evil.” Pious in his conduct, prosperous in his fortune, Job was to face a test which could have destroyed anyone.  His family was broken, his body was covered with boils and sores.  Yet he persisted in his testimony.  Said Job, “I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:  And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.”
 We mourn that Christian and Stephanie are asked to carry such heavy burdens, but we know that Heavenly Father has a plan for them.  Their family is eternal and as they endure this trial with patience they will receive a fullness of joy.

We all have a Savior that suffered not only for our sins but for our infirmities.  He can relieve the torture associated with their injuries and comfort them because He has born their pains personally.  He can heal them perfectly because the physical debt has already been paid and the requisite consequences satisfied. 

Please pray with us that the atonement may be applied in their behalf and that they will not suffer needlessly.  Pray that Stephanie may be comforted in her pain.  Pray for Christian in his emotional and physical distress.  Pray for their dear sweet children that angels may watch over them.   Pray that the Lord’s will may be done and pray that His merciful designs may be realized.

Heavenly Father is willing to give us all good things when we exercise faith towards it.  God listens to your petitions.  He has a plan for us and can give us the strength to accomplish it.  We are all just weak and simple beings, but through Him we can accomplish great things.  Stephanie and Christian have lived this truth and I'm sure it would be their wish that you experiment on the word by exhibiting faith in their behalf. 

If you'd like to help, please offer your prayers and faith as they are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to contribute to their financial welfare, please click on the button below. All donations will directly benefit Christian & Stephanie Nielson's family and will be used to pay medical expenses as household expenditures during recovery.